Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Confessions: Animal Hoarding - Submit Your Story

Confessions: Animal Hoarding is a fascinating new show on Animal Planet that delves into the hearts and minds of animal hoarders. According to Gary Patronek of the Hoarding of Animal Research Consortium "Animal hoarding is defined as failure to provide minimal standards of care for animals… coupled with obsessive attempts to maintain and even increase the number of animals in the face of deteriorating conditions." (source: Animal Hoarding Project). The stories can be sad but often hopeful, as family and friends rally around the person compelled to collect too many pets, to help them make some needed changes in their lives.

The show is currently looking for people who own more animals than they can properly care for...whether they have a houseful of rabbits, reptiles, birds or common household pets. (source: Animal Hoarding Info)

If you know someone with too many pets to care for submit your story to see if Animal Planet can help. They'll work with families and friends of hoarders to find ways to reach out and offer help: humane placement, veterinary care, psychological treatment, even housecleaning.